Revitalizing Downtown Norwich since 1986


The Norwich Business Improvement District Management Association meets annually to elect members to its Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly to develop district policy and a plan of action. The Board of Directors chooses its own officers annually and appoints the BID Executive Director.

The Board consists of 12 members which serve staggered three-year terms of office. No less than a majority of the Board's members must represent owners of property within the District, with tenants of commercial space and dwellings within the District also being represented. The remaining three directors, by law, are appointed by the City of Norwich, one each by the Mayor, the Common Council and the Director of Finance.

The Board also oversees the part-time Executive Director who is in charge of the day-to-day management functions of the District.

Tracy L. Chawgo

Executive Committee:
Jamie Gaudreau-Moore, President
Tyler Oliver, Vice President
Victoria Mitchell, Treasurer
Tracy Chawgo, Secretary

Board Members:
Tyler Oliver, President
Luke Murphy
Jamie Gaudreau-Moore
Mindy Chawgo
Alecia O'Niell
Robert Jeffrey
Erik Scrivener
Rife Revoir
Grant Brightman
Pricilla Blydenburgh
Victoria Mitchell

Legacy Members:
Todd Dreyer
Michael Hayes
Mike McCormack
Bryan McCracken
Tom Sutton